Horror Trailer Music - Possession (Album Preview)

"Possession" (Creepy, Modern and Eerie Horror Music)

'Possession' is a scary creepy modern and eerie horror music album. With devilish and terrifying tension, sinister sounds and evil dark atmospheres.

Available now for the industry on Source Audio and Bandcamp!

For licensing info, please contact: info@christopherena.com or licensing@horrortrailermusic.com or go to http://www.horrortrailermusic.com

Available on all major stores on June 14, 2019

Video animation by: Atis Freivalds

Cover image by award winning photographer and horror makeup artist Rick Jones: http://www.horrify.me.uk

Composers: Amy Balcomb, Gaetan De Faveri, Christophe Rena, Frank Shlimbach.